Make your documentation and prototypes come alive!


At Blockchain Explainer we specialize in writing engaging documentation and prototypes. We save you time and money by creating clear docs and engaging proof-of-concepts.



Prototype Development

Great prototypes are essential in helping your startup acquire investment funds or clients wanting to use your API or platform. We create prototypes that highlight your products best features.

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Technical Documentation 

Good documentation is saves your team time and money.  The problem is most companies don't have the resources to create engaging docs. We are here to help. We write the docs so your engineers can focus their time writing mission critical code.

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Our Practice

We are technologists and leaders in the blockchain space. We are builders first, and are strong advocates of thoughtful blockchain adoption


"The blockchain symbolizes a shift in power from the centers to the edges of networks."

— William Mougayar


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Find out how the Blockchain Explainer can help you. We are experts in building proof of concepts and writing great docs.