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But I already have a white paper, why do I need another one?

Blockchain Explainer's white paper is different because it is written specifically to educate and attract the attention of enterprise clients. We are specialist and only focus on B2B outreach.

I don't Need Marketing. the tech speaks for itself.

Apple would have never gotten off the ground without Steve Job's marketing genius. Facebook would have never gone 'viral' without their brilliant growth hackers. Great tech needs a great advocate.

I already have a marketing team, why do i need your services?

Blockchain Explainer compliments your marketing efforts. With recent crypto advertising bans on social media, it is wise for blockchain teams to deploy a multifaceted approach to spreading the word about their project.


Who the heck are you, and why should we trust you?

I'm Portia Burton, and a blockchain developer and international tech speaker. I have a background in machine learning and I've been crafting blockchain solutions for years. You can learn more about me here.

How Much Do Your services cost?

The price of our services depend on the scope of your project. Schedule a free consultation and let's take the conversation from there!