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Portia Burton, Founder and Blockchain Technologist

Portia Burton is founder of Blockchain Explainer. She started her career as a machine learning engineer at Trapit and then worked as a software developer at The Atlantic Magazine. When Portia is not lecturing on blockchain fundamentals, she spends her days helping blockchain companies craft viable B2B marketing strategies. 

Speaking Appearances:

3/2018 Alley | The Evolution and the Future of Blockchain

3/2018 Morgan University | CryptoEconomics and the Future of Global Business

2/2018 One World Identity Group | Women in Blockchain: Yes They Exist

2/2018 Pycaribbean | Analyzing Cryptocurrencies with Python and Modern Portfolio Theory

11/2017 DC Blockchain Users Group | What is Ethereum

2/2017 Government Blockchain Meetup | How to Become a Blockchain Professional

10/2016 PyPDX Keynote | Python Blockchain and Byte-Sized Change

9/2016 Node JS Amsterdam | Blockchain, Bitcoin and Node

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